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This Day In Dodgers History

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured I might as well…Let’s go back.


May 19, 1988.


A couple days ago at Dodger stadium, we recognized one of the greatest pitchers in Dodgers History, Orel Hershiser. He was the ace for the 1988 World Series team, but who most people don’t talk about, or even sometimes know about, was our right hander Tim Leary. Leary was as solid of a number two pitcher as you could get. An ace on most teams that didn’t include Hershiser. A native out of Santa Monica, and a standout at UCLA, Leary ended up being a very vital part of the ’88 Dodgers pitching staff.  He posted a 17-11 record, with a 2.91 ERA, nine complete games, and six shutouts on the year.

On May 19th, Leary had surprisingly been winless for over a month, however, it wasn’t due to his pitching. He had a crazy lack of run support through that stretch, and to be honest, May 19th wasn’t much different. The Dodgers were playing the Expos and Leary went on to throw ten strikeouts, not walking any batters, and getting out of seven of Montreal’s run threats, to toss his second shutout of the year as the Dodgers won 2-0.

“Tonight was just as rewarding, if not more than the other (shutout),” Leary said after his standout effort against Montreal. “We didn’t score a lot of runs, and the Expos put a lot of runners in scoring position.”


This Day in Dodgers History…

Good Morning! And Happy Sunday to everyone. I figured that there isn’t much better way to start a day (rhymed) than a little Dodgers History, am I right? Lets go back a bit…


May 6th, 1995.


Personally, I was five years old. This was right around the time I started becoming a Dodgers fan. A year prior, in 2004, was when my dad and two brothers went to my first Dodgers game. I’ll never forget it. How could you, ya know? I feel like I remember everything; My dad introducing me to Vinny’s voice on the way to the ballpark. Sitting top Deck.  Section 9 (which, ironically enough, ended up becoming my sports number). I even remember the fan giveaway! It was this awesome binder that had all the main Dodgers at the time on it; Eric Karros, Orel Hershiser, Mike Piazza, Raul Mondesi…. I literally used that thing until it was completely torn apart. I loved it! Sorry, I’m getting off track.


May 6th, 1995.


The Dodgers were playing the Colorado Rockies at their park, which at the time, was only three years old. Crazy, right? The Dodgers exploded for 21 hits, including 8 extra base hits. Eric Karros had three hits and three RBI and Mike Piazza went 3-for-6 with a double, home run and three RBI. Henry Rodriguez added a career-high four hits as the Dodgers would take the game with a final score of 17-11. The game would ultimately set the pace for an intense divisional race. The Dodgers and Rockies traded places atop the NL West standings for most of that year, until the Dodgers finally took the division by one game and the Rockies settled for the NL Wild Card spot.