It’s tiiime for Dodger Baseball!!

Hello Dodgertown!

DI Logo1Man, I have I missed you all. As most of you know, last season had to end a bit early for me, as far as Dodgers Insider goes, due to some personal stuff. I missed it, and I missed talking to all of you on a regular basis. I’m glad to say that I plan on coming back as Dodgers Insider and return to blogging for you all. However, it comes with a little bit of a change. Last year, I was a source to bring people the most recent news and updates for the Dodgers. It was a way for the fans to all come together, share their opinions, and more importantly, ask any questions that they had about the team, which I was glad to answer.

This year, I’m going to do things a little bit differently. You see, I’ve realized a few things. As much as I’d love to, I’m not able to blog for the Dodgers as my full time job, as is the case for some bloggers. In order for me to spend all my time getting the most recent updates and insider information, I’d need to get paid doing it! (**cough** HR people in the Dodgers front office…)  haha But I just recently graduated college and am diving into my career head first. The reason I mention this is because to me, the Dodgers are a part of my life that will never go away. As a fan, I’ve always wanted a place to go to talk to other fans when I can’t go to games. I’ve always wanted that community feeling you get in Dodgers Stadium even after you drive away from Elysian Park Ave. That’s what I want Dodgers Insider to become. Will I still bring you news updates, game scores and times? Absolutely. Will I still give everyone a heads up for game time with the five best words in baseball (It’s tiiime for Dodger Baseball)? More than likely. I’ll also still aim to get some good player interviews for you all. But most importantly, I just want this to become a community. I want this to be a site where you come to share your emotions on the night’s walkoff homerun, or the frustrations of blowing a lead late in the game. Those emotions are what make us Dodgers fans, and that’s what I want to focus on – the love of the game.

Over the next couple months, I am going to change the site a little bit (and get a .com FINALLY). I also hope to implement some forums, or comment sections – places where everyone can come and talk about whatever they desire. And again, ask questions about the team that you are curious about. I am still here for you guys for all that information.

11810_10151697323128508_1234017524_nI couldn’t be more excited for this season to start, especially with all of our signings this off season. I will be at most of the Spring Training games out in Camelback, so if you ever want to catch a game, let me know! Again, I can’t stress the word community enough. I can’t wait to reconnect with you all and have an amazing season on what I’m sure will be an emotional roller coaster. Until then! Go Blue!

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