Dodgers Take Steven Rodriguez, Onelki Garcia, Justin Chigbogu

With their second round pick (82nd overall) the Dodgers selected P Steven Rodriguez from Florida. Steven is known for his unorthodox delivery and will most likely be used as a bullpen pitcher. Scouts have said they don’t quite see him being a closer, but with the way he pitched at a top school such as Florida, they do see him taking on a bit more expensive bullpen role. In college, his strikeouts per nine innings was over 12 and posted an impressive 1.91 ERA in 32 appearances, including one start. Steven also had a stretch of eight-consecutive appearances without allowing any runs between March 27-May 1. draft expert Jonathan Mayo views Rodriguez as the next most likely candidate from this year’s draft class to first appear in the big leagues. He also went as far as saying Rodriguez could be seen as early as September when rosters are expanded, calling the young pitcher deceptive with good stuff.

With their third round pick (113th overall) the Dodgers selected Onelki Garcia, a Cuban 22 year-old pitcher. Onelki was originally ruled inelgible for the draft and was expecting to immediately be a free agent, but the ruling was overturned just before the draft started. There may be a few issues with signability however considering that Garcia initially wanted a $7 million signing bonus which he will not even get close to. He also said at one point that he would not sign unless drafted in the first round. I will post more details about this later.

With their fourth round pick (146th overall) the Dodgers selected Justin Chigbogu, from Raytown South HS, Missouri. Justin is a very strong left handed first baseman who also played defensive end in high school. He is considered by scouts to be a high risk/high reward type player, so it will be interesting to see how he unfolds.

To watch the draft live go to for a live feed, or, follow Dodgers Insider on Facebook and Twitter for live in draft updates.


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